Dr. Amar Abdulla Behbehani

Dr. Amar has 8 years of experience in alternative and art psychotherapy. She earned her doctoral degree in Arts Education and Therapy from Florida State University. She also has a Master of Science in creative psychotherapy along with Master of Fine arts in Design and Visual Communication. Dr. Amar uses art therapy as a creative gate that leads to alternative therapeutic paths to any psychological diagnoses. During therapy, the creative intelligences are used to help clients in communication, expression, creative problem solving, goal-setting, and life decisions. Art therapy services, like any other mental health profession, can be provided to any age group (children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics). It can also be conducted in individuals or groups. Art therapy can help anyone regardless of age, gender, or creative abilities. As a creative educator, Dr. Amar has a passion towards the art of learning and wellbeing, women studies, special education, life coaching, and visual arts. Dr. Amar speaks English and Arabic.

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