Dr. Madhumita Ghosh

Dr. Madhumita is a Clinical Psychologist with 30 years experience in renowned hospitals, medical colleges, mental health institutions, social service agencies, schools, colleges & management institutes in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Nagpur in the field of clinical psychology, counselling, psychometric assessments, teaching, organisational behaviour & management. After graduating as a Bachelor in Humanities, she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Nagpur University, India in 1982 and started her career as a clinical psychologist in Mumbai. Following this, in 1989, she obtained her PhD in clinical psychology and has worked in several renowned institutions and organisations, from where she has gained her expertise in this field. Dr Madhumita’s key skills are in assessing a client’s needs, abilities or behaviours using a variety of methods, including psychometric assessments, interviews and direct observation of behaviour. She is very experienced as a mental health practitioner in the application of therapeutic measures for various mental health problems in children, adults and older age group, in a wide range of settings. She has several years of experience in devising and monitoring appropriate treatment/counselling programs in collaboration with psychiatrists & other mental health professionals. Dr Madhumita is exceptionally skilled in working with children & adolescents in both main stream school settings and special needs school settings. She offers therapy/supportive counselling for various problems related to anxiety, depression, mania, psychosis, addictions, social and interpersonal problems, marital problems, challenging behaviours and a range of other mental health problems. She also has experience working in the rehabilitation of chronically ill patients into the community. Her exceptional clinical, communication, presentation & mentoring skills were reflected in the multiple roles she took on whilst working in various hospitals, medical/nursing colleges & technical colleges in the last 3 decades and has duly been recognized by various renowned health professionals in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

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